Helping Letchworth Foodbank distribute 50 tonnes of food

While many of us were familiar with the Foodbank or Trussel Trust before 2020, we were all made much more aware of their work during the pandemic. As food poverty dominated the headlines, people rallied locally to help local charities and groups offering help. Letchworth Foodbank were no exception. 

Ciaran McGill, Chairman of the Management Committee for Letchworth Foodbank, spoke to us about coping during the pandemic and how the Foodbank works in our latest video case study. 

As a result of generous donations and a great response to volunteering, Letchworth Foodbank were able to donate 50 tonnes of food to residents of the town. 1,945 residents received food parcels, totalling 17,505 meals during the September 2020 -August 2021 period. This extraordinary feat could not have happened without the partnership working in the town, donations from residents and funding from providers, including Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation.  

Understanding community needs and the valuable role played by Letchworth Foodbank in meeting this need has led the Foundation to provide long-term financial support to the charity. The grant enables the charity to have space to store and distribute its nonperishable food. Every Tuesday and Friday the Best Before Café can deliver surplus fresh food, thanks to partnership working with the Foodbank. This partnership working in the town creates a food safety net that has been integral in keeping people safe during and post-pandemic.  

Head of Grants and Partnerships, Alastair Stewart said “We are thankful to the large group of dedicated volunteers supporting the community-based food initiatives across the town. Working closely with the groups we know the difference they are making and are thankful to support the food network and Letchworth Foodbank” 

The Foundation grants £14,280 to Letchworth Foodbank every year to help them to continue their work. Although they are supported by many funders, supermarkets and volunteers, they need help now more than ever. To find out more and see how you can assist this amazing charity, visit