Local Plan

This page is designed to keep the community up-to-date with developments regarding the progress of North Herts District Council’s Local Plan.

It is a process the Heritage Foundation is a part of, due to the inclusion in the Local Plan of sites in Letchworth, which are a part of our estate.

Since 2012 we have been working closely with the Council and the community to ensure decisions being made are open and transparent and take in to account the views of the town.

A timeline of events for this process can be found here.

Latest progress

The Public Inspector, Simon Berkley, has written to North Herts District Council (NHDC), following NHDC's consultation on the Local Plan Main Modifications from Thursday 3 January to Monday 4 March 2019 (see below). The letter from the Inspector can be found here.

Public examination

North Herts District Council submitted the Local Plan to the Secretary of State and Independent Inspector, Simon Berkley, held a Public Examination between November 2017 and March 2018. The Independent Inspector issued North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) with his proposed modifications to the plan in November 2018 and these were published on the Council’s website on Monday 19 November 2018. 

NHDC consulted on the Local Plan Main Modifications from Thursday 3 January to Monday 4 March 2019. This consultation also provided the opportunity to comment on the additional work produced by the Council in support of the Examination in Public and following the hearing sessions.

Further information on the Public Examination along with statements, including those made by the Heritage Foundation, and dates can be viewed here

Our role

As well as continuing to support the allocation of sites included in the Plan under our ownership, we will be doing the following:

  • With our commitment to make use of brown field sites, we will begin the planning of those identified in the Local Plan with a goal that ,where it is possible, these sites are brought forward for development.

Looking at the development of land to the north of Letchworth Garden City we will:

  • Identify key issues including highways, transport and access and start to review these matters in more detail.
  • In line with our values and principles we will begin the process of finding an appropriate partner to help bring forward this development, should it become adopted policy.
  • Develop a communications plan, so that at the right time we are engaging with the local community and town as a whole regarding the development of this land.
  • Work with stakeholders, such as the District and County Councils regarding the key components of the development of this site.

You can view our representations made as part of the Local Plan process by clicking on the button.

Highover Farm Representation

In light of the proposed designations in the Local Plan, planning applications have started to be submitted on some of the sites allocated for housing across North Hertfordshire.  One of these, land at Highover Farm in Hitchin, is close to the boundary of the Letchworth Garden City Estate.  An application has been submitted for 700 new homes, along with a new school and community facilities.  Although we have no objection in principle to this development, we have made comments regarding some aspects of this application and its impact on Letchworth to North Herts District Council.  A copy of this letter can be found below.