Exhibition from International Installation Artist opens at Broadway Gallery

An exhibition from renowned installation artist Rebecca Louise Law is set to transform the Broadway Gallery into a floral masterpiece, opening Thursday 25 August.

The British artist will be showing Still Life: Sculpture & Prints, which explores the impact of Dutch flower painting on her work and features a series of photographic prints alongside a new installation created specifically for the Letchworth gallery, as well as series of cased sculptures. © India Hobson, Courtesy Rebecca Louise LawLaw is well known for her approach to materials and uses primarily natural elements in the creation of her work. 

Commenting on the exhibition, Rebecca Louise Law said: “We tend to overlook the wonders of nature that occur around us every day. I want to capture and preserve these moments of natural beauty in my work to celebrate and share them with the world.”Laura Dennis, Visual Arts Curator of Broadway Gallery, said: “It is fitting that Law’s solo exhibition should take place in Letchworth Garden City, a community that, for over a century, has integrated elements of the natural world into the design of the town.

The exhibition serves to highlight and celebrate this identity, while showcasing the continued inspiration that can be found in the beauty of flowers.”The sculptural installation by Law has been inspired by the gallery space and the wider Garden City. Law is acclaimed for these large scale works with previous locations including Athens, New York and Melbourne.

The exhibition opens at the Broadway Studio and Gallery from Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm in the Arcade in Letchworth Garden City.To find out more about Rebecca Louise Law, visit www.broadway-gallery.com or her website at www.rebeccalouiselaw.com.