Celebrating 80 years of St Thomas' Church

The Foundation recently joined the congregation at St Thomas’ Church on Bedford Road to mark its 80th anniversary.

The celebration included a special service led by the Bishop of St Albans followed by a lunch. The Foundation’s Chairman, Colin Chatfield also attended the service, where a new altar display by the church’s craft club was unveiled, featuring the names of every street in the Wilbury area.

Speaking after the event, Colin Chatfield said: “I would like to thank St Thomas’ Church for including the Foundation in the service. It was a privilege to be part of this special commemoration and to see so many people from the community coming together to mark the occasion.  I wish Reverend Pate the very best for their events during 2018 and for years to come.”

Peter Willcox, one of the church’s wardens, added: “It was great to be joined on the day by the Bishop of St Albans. He told the church to look back, but not for too long, and while the achievements of the last 80 years are important, we need also to look ahead and plan for our work for the next 80 years, which is great advice as we continue with our anniversary events.”

The event was part of a busy 2018 calendar for the church, with a music event coming up on 23 June and a craft session planned for autumn.

The church is also collecting oral histories from people who attended the church or grew up in the Wilbury area. You can share your stories and get in touch with the church by visiting their website at st-thomas-letchworth.org.uk or call on 01462 623119.

80th Anniversary at St Thomas' Church