Could you be a friend of the Garden City Greenway?

Users of the Garden City Greenway and those with an interest in ecology and the environment are invited to join a new 'Friends of the Greenway' group with the aim of keeping it in tip top shape.

The 13-mile circular route around Letchworth, featuring paths, woodland, picnic areas and natural habitats, is owned and maintained by the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation.  They are now looking for volunteers to help their team keep the Greenway at its best and encourage people of all ages to use it. 

Elizabeth Towler, Strategic Landscape Architect, at Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, explains:  “Our environment team manages the route on a day to day basis, but sometimes we need the public to let us know where repairs are needed, where pathways are blocked or if they have concerns about a particular aspects of the route.  We are looking for volunteers to be our eyes and ears along the Greenway and in return, they will have the chance to get involved in special projects, learn new skills and make new friends.”

Activities planned for volunteers include planting a new orchard at Willian and creating a new fruit trail with more than 150 trees being planted around the Greenway to produce a variety of fruits for the public to pick. 

Elizabeth added: “There is huge scope for the community to get involved in helping us make the Greenway better for all its users. We are currently running a survey and the Friends of the Greenway group will help us implement the suggestions that come from this.”

To find out how to come a Friend of the Greenway please email

We'd be very grateful if you would please complete the Greenway SurveyThe survey runs until 15 September 2019.  Thank you.