Destination Letchworth - Churro Boyz

We spoke to multi-award winning business Churro Boyz to ask them to tell us more about the local company.

"In 2011 we visited our family in Spain and I had Churros for the first time. I loved them so much we wanted to bring them to the UK. We went to the oldest Churro House in Madrid and learnt from the team to ensure we had everything right. In 2012 we had our first outing at Hitchin Farmers market. Since then we have grown our business and purchased two festival trailers and have been catering all over the UK. We have catered at movie sets, for BMW, for the RAF and many other companies and even a few celebrity weddings.

"Perfect for the cold nights, and the cinnamon sugar really gets you into the Christmas spirit."

"We won the Hertfordshire Food and Drink awards two years running and we're nominated for several other awards. This year we opened our own Churro Boyz store on Eastcheap in Letchworth Garden City where we are offering our multi award-winning Churros and homemade sauces along with a small Tapas selection. We have taken this opportunity to expand our menu and have plans to bring new and exciting offerings to the store in the near future."

Churro Boyz travel across the country and cater for many different events. We wanted to know they they chose base their store in Letchworth.

"We chose Letchworth because of the amazing support we have received over the past 10 years from the community when we attended the food festivals and other amazing events put on by the the BID team. The community has supported us to grow and we've even had people offering to help paint the shop, or just help us to get open. It's been a really lovely time so far and we have met some lovely people."

The team at Churro Boyz look forward to seeing their customers over the Christmas period and adding a few Christmas specials to their menu.

You can find Churro Boyz on Eastcheap. Follow their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out the latest.