Exhibition of new works by artist Kate Terry to open at Broadway Gallery

A new exhibition by artist Kate Terry exploring architectural space, geometry, balance and colour will open at Letchworth’s Broadway Gallery this February.

The exhibition, titled A System of Parallels, will see a site-specific installation created using coloured thread, as well as accompanying sculptures made in timber and brass and a series of new drawings.

Curator at the Broadway Gallery, Laura Dennis said: “The making of an installation artwork in the Gallery is always an interesting experience and I’m looking forward to seeing how Kate is able to transform the space with her work.  She has been also been producing her sculptures and drawings in the studio for many months now, and I’m very excited to see these come to the Gallery. I think our visitors will be fascinated by her exhibition here in Letchworth.”

Kate Terry lives and works in London, and has exhibited around the world since 2002. Her work features in the National Gallery of Canada and private collections across Europe. Recent exhibitions have taken place in Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Doha and Michigan.

A System of Parallels will be the first time that Terry has included all three areas of her practice – installation, sculpture and drawing – alongside one another in this way.

The installation element of the exhibition will be made up of hundreds of lines of vibrantly coloured threads in intersecting forms, combined with sculptures of geometric forms, predominately made in timber. These shapes and structures of Kate’s artworks has in part been inspired by aspects of Letchworth’s built environment.

When asked about her interest in Letchworth, Kate said: “I’m fascinated by the idea of newness and idealism in the original founding of the Garden City and the socialist principles that the town was founded on. I am very interested in architecture and I love the drawings for the initial town plans, the radial plan, the shapes of the buildings and road structures within these plans.”

A System of Parallels opens at the Broadway Gallery on 9 February and runs until 22 April. Admission is free.

Kate Terry Exhibition at Broadway Gallery