Food hub made possible by grants and donations

The Kings Community Church food hub on the Jackmans Estate has relocated to a new cabin on the church site. ‘King’s Cabin’ will replace the existing church hall as a food distribution point.

The new facility was made possible with grant funding from Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, North Herts District Council, support from the Food Rescue Hub, the NEED project and help from volunteers in the community. The hub opened in July and started operations quickly after.

On opening ‘King’s Cabin’, Alastair Stewart Head of Charitable Projects and Partnerships at the Heritage Foundation said “The team here have worked tirelessly over the past 15 months providing a range of support to the local community. As we emerge from COVID-19 and church life begins to return to normal, rooms in the church will be used daily so it is important to have the additional space ‘Kings Cabin’ creates to enable activities such as the food hub to continue. I know how much ‘Kings Cabin’ means to everyone here and what a valuable resource it will be now and in the future. “

Once a week ‘Kings Cabin’ is filled with food from various groups and it is then sorted ready for parcels to be distributed to local people, with nothing going to waste or left stored. The work has been ongoing throughout the pandemic, but this facility now puts the project in one space, freeing up the church to open fully again. Over the past 18 months, Kings Community Church also gifted parcels to NHS workers, care workers and others who worked on the front line, using their hall to pack and distribute from.

Applications for grant funding from Letchworth Garden City Heritage are open until September 24. Please visit for more information.