Garden City Collection Levelling Up

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation is proud to be the custodian of the wonderful Garden City Collection.  The Collection houses thousands of pieces of memorabilia, ephemera, photographs and artefacts which catalogue the 120 years of Letchworth Garden City. 

Now, thanks to successful application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Dynamic Collections project, we are looking to level the Garden City Collection up even further… 

Our project ‘Uncovering Letchworth’ will ensure that our ACE-accredited Garden City Collection better represents the rich and distinct stories of our diverse community today. We believe everyone in Letchworth should see themselves in the stories our museum service tells. 

Central to this project is the new 18-month Collections Officer role, who will help uncover Letchworth by producing a series of co-created workshops, community gatherings, events and sharing exhibitions. We are keen to meet people interested in this role from a variety of backgrounds that reflect Letchworth’s range of diversity today. Relevant experience can be transferable from other professional settings.   

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