It may be June, but winter is coming to Letchworth

Graeme of Thrones Plays Broadway Theatre next Monday

A critically-acclaimed journey through the Seven Kingdoms is coming to the Broadway Theatre on Monday 26 June.

Created by a team of some of the UK’s top comedy writers, Graeme of Thrones is a mischievous parody of the international phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. The production follows avid Thrones fan Graeme as he sets out to recreate his favourite fantasy saga on stage - when news reaches him that an influential theatrical producer is in the building, Graeme decides that this could be his big break, as long as nothing goes wrong.

Having started life in London’s West End, the show has gone on to be a sell-out success in Australia, Canada and the USA, leaving audiences in stiches along the way. Time Out billed the show a “must see” for Thrones fans and the performance in Letchworth is superbly timed with season seven scheduled to premiere on television on 17 July.

One of the writers and BAFTA winner Jon Brittain said: “Graeme of Thrones is a parody/farce/show-within-a-show/loving-homage. It’s nice to be in a room where being a fanboy is actually a good thing!”

Broadway programmer Sue Scott Davison, who brought the show to Letchworth, said: “We’re thrilled to be able to offer Thrones fans a night at the theatre before season seven starts. It’s a Monday night, exactly three weeks before the new series starts and looks set to be a hilarious evening. We’ve been told to advise audiences to see it before the inevitable lawsuit – the mind boggles!”

Tickets for the show are priced at £20 for Adults and £18 with concessions. For more information and to book tickets, visit

Graeme of Thrones