Letchworth Festival is back!

Letchworth Festival is back – a little later than usual, and not quite in the same order. But all the old favourites will be there and, as it will now overlap with at least two other major events in town, that makes the end of June/beginning of July a definite date for your diary.

The full Festival will run, once more, for two weeks. This year it takes place between 16 June and 1 July. According to Festival Chair, Hilary Kemp: “We want the first two weeks to have much more of a fringe flavour. It's a time to celebrate Letchworth and we hope local societies will use this as a time to put on events and to publicise their activities.”

She went on: “The emphasis is on fun. We want people to come out and support Letchworth. But we want them to enjoy themselves while they're doing it.

“The festival fortnight runs up to Community Day on 30 June. This year it co-incides with the Chilli Festival, run by Love Letchworth and Armed Forces Day, which takes place in Broadway Gardens.

“Next Day, 1 July, Park Live we are inviting local talent – musicians, dancers, bands - to come along and strut their stuff. We are setting up in Howard Gardens once more, and everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy a full day of music and entertainment. Or even better, to get up on stage and show what they can do.

“The Festival is now open for business. If you are planning to run an event during the fortnight, let us know. The easiest way to do that is to go on to the Letchworth Festival website - http://www.letchworthfestival.org/ - and fill in an event form. But make sure you do so no later than 1 May.

“And last but by no means least. We are doing everything we can to make the Festival self-sufficient. But we can't do that without your help. So if you would like to sponsor us a little – or a lot – drop us a line on contact@letchworthfestival.org

The Letchworth Festival is back for 2018.