Local dementia charity receives grant for projects

A grant of £6,480 has been awarded to Open Art Box CIC to help people living with dementia and their carers

This grant from the Heritage Foundation has given an opportunity for Open Art Box CIC to run a year long project for people living with early-stage dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment and their carers.

The project, which began in September, employs visiting artists to work alongside participants in two-hour long workshop sessions from Mrs Howard Memorial Hall in Letchworth.

Open Art Box CIC aims to give participants an insight into the innovative techniques and styles in which artists work, with the opportunity to explore and experience these skills themselves. In the first four months of the project participants have made animated sculptures with artist Savinder Bual, created landscape weavings with Amy Wilson, explored collage with Carol Ayton and made beautiful glass art with Emma White from Irregular Glass.

The artists involved so far have helped make the programme a success and for this reason, Open Art Box CIC is reaching out for more proposals from practicing artists in a range of disciplines. To find out more contact Christina at artists@openartbox.org.uk or visit their website.

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