Roof Renovation Project Wins 2018 Heritage Awards

A group of houses on Rushby Mead, some of Letchworth’s earliest properties, have won the 2018 Heritage Awards. Run by the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, the awards are presented in recognition of excellent work when improving properties in Letchworth. The awards night took place on 19 September at the Garden Cities Institute in the town.

Three category winners were selected by a panel of judges, with an ‘Overall Winner’ voted by the public.

The category winners were:

2-79 Rushby Mead: these properties were the winners of the ‘Best Group Refurbishment’ category. The works were carried out by Howard Cottage Housing Association, undergoing a complete re-roofing, with all of the new materials, tiles and detailing being matched to the original design and style of the homes.

29 Willian Way: winners of the ‘Best Improved Frontage’ category with work on the drive, lawn and surrounding plants and hedges.

13 Eastholm Green: winners of the ‘Major Works’ category, reinstating a front chimney and the front storm porch, as well as adding a two storey rear extension and a replacement garage with attached garden room.

From these three category winners the public voted Rushby Mead as the ‘Overall Winner’.

Claire Pudney, Team Manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Advisory Team, said: “The works done on Rushby Mead, as well as on the other nominated properties, were excellent and really maintained the spirit of the garden city home. This is what the Heritage Awards are all about, celebrating excellent work in maintaining homes in Letchworth and keeping it looking like a garden city while making modern home improvements.”

To find out more about the awards or making changes to your home in Letchworth, contact the Foundation’s Heritage Advisory Team on 01462 476017 or email