The Power of Your Story!

On Tuesday 21st May over 120 community members gathered at the Broadway Hotel, Letchworth for the second annual All About Us, North Herts Community Conference. This event brought together the volunteer sector to share ideas, be inspired, and strengthen partnerships.


Inspirational Speakers

Michael McGrath: Shared his journey with Muscular Dystrophy and how he became the first disabled person to lead expeditions to the North and South Poles. His story emphasised the power of authenticity and resilience.

Linden Walcott-Burton: Discussed the potential of AI in enhancing grant applications and support, urging the audience to view AI as a helpful tool rather than a replacement for human creativity.

Neil Baker: Creative Storytelling was the main theme of the event, and Neil led a fascinating and engaging interactive session, encouraging participants to share impactful stories about their work and engage with each other to foster creativity.



Throughout the day attendees spent time networking and learning from each other, fostering new partnerships within the community. This was a key aspect of the conference, addressing feedback from previous events.



The event left attendees with valuable insights and tools to propel their organisational missions forward. According to post-event surveys, an overwhelming 97% of participants were in agreement that the event equipped them with practical skills essential for successful fundraising applications, volunteer recruitment, and enhanced clarity in communicating their organisational identity and mission to partners.

Moreover, 87% of respondents highlighted the event as a pivotal opportunity to initiate and cultivate relationships while fostering collaborations with various stakeholders, including other groups, infrastructure organisations, funders, and statutory agencies within North Hertfordshire.

In a testament to the event's impact, an impressive 99% of attendees departed with a heightened appreciation for the transformative potential of storytelling. Many expressed a feeling of inspiration from their newfound understanding of how storytelling can be harnessed to drive positive change within their respective organisations.


Event Success and Future Plans

Ed Paxton, Volunteering Manager for The Heritage Foundation, praised the event for its inspiring speakers and practical tools. The positive energy and support from the community set a strong foundation for future initiatives.

“We know times are tough right now for our voluntary sector partners and being able to powerfully communicate about the needs the sector is addressing and the impact they make could not be more pressing. We hope this event has provided everyone with inspiration and techniques to be able to do that with more confidence and greater success.”

Graham Fisher, CEO of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation


Special Thanks

Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation thanks all volunteers and partners, including North Herts Council and CVS North Herts & Stevenage, for making the event a success.