Travel back to pre-historic times with Dinosaur World

Grab your compass and explore ancient uncharted territories in a dinosaur adventure at Broadway Theatre on 15 and 16 August.

Dinosaur World brings to life a historic world of remarkably life-like dinosaurs on stage, with the audience able to get up close with some of history’s most fascinating and dangerous creatures.

Creative Programmer for the Broadway Theatre, Sue Scott Davison said: “Dinosaur World has received excellent reviews across the country. The show is great for the whole family, as the puppeteers are visible at all times, which helps make sure the dinosaurs aren’t too scary for younger members of the audience.”

The show introduces audiences to a host of impressive creatures, including every child’s favourite giant, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops,Giraffatitan and Segnosaurus, to name a few.

For those feeling even braver, the show also has ‘danger seats’, allowing the audience to be so close to the show that the dinosaurs will be able to smell them, although we can assure you the seats are quite safe!

Tickets cost £12 each, with ‘danger seats’ priced at £15. For more information or to buy tickets, visit

Dinosaur World