We're 'buzzing' to support local bee habitat

Local bees are getting some love and attention as the Letchworth Heritage Foundation teams up with The North Herts Beekeeper Association (NHBKA) to improve their local habitat.

Focusing on the hives that are kept near Willian Arboretum, the first stage of the works will provide an essential water source, as during the drier months of the year the ditch that runs through the site dries up. This causes the bees to have to travel further to find water, using more energy and subsequently producing less honey.

Elizabeth Towler, Environment Manager for the Heritage Foundation, said: “Bees are so important to our ecosystem, not just locally but across the world. We’re very happy to be supporting the North Herts Beekeeper Association with this project and to help provide these bees with a suitable habitat to help them thrive.”

Over the last month the landscaping team at the Foundation has been working with the NHBKA to start work on the pond, with the edges and depth of the pond now defined and work to begin shortly to line the area to maximise its water capacity.

Gary Hammond from the NHBKA added: “This project not only provides an essential resources to our local bee population, but will also help other wildlife included frogs, toads and dragonflies. We will be monitoring the pond over the coming years to see the impact that is has and we look forward to seeing the variety of wildlife that it attracts. Watch this space!”

To find out more about the NHBKA, visit their website at nhbka.wordpress.com.

Bee Pond at Willian Arboretum