Daniela and Dylan's Story

Meet the Team, Case Study

Gallery, Volunteers: Daniela and Dylan

Family Learning Volunteer and Front of House Volunteer

The Gallery’s Family Learning Volunteer Daniela has been with The Foundation for over a year along with her son, Dylan, Front of House Volunteer who has been with the Gallery during the school holidays. Originally from Venezuela, the mother and son duo enjoy supporting the Gallery team in their spare time. Dylan’s grandma came across the role via the Foundation’s Instagram page, whilst sitting in Venezuela and Dylan tells us about how he started off working towards his Duke of Edinburgh award and how he ended up staying on… So, he really went from having to do it, to choosing to do it because he liked it.


Describe your average day…

Dylan: There’s lots to do, I can do something practical like hang up paintings or update spreadsheets on the computer. If I finish early, I enjoy getting to know the visitors and having a chat.

Daniela: My role is to make sure that everything is organised, so that the kids have everything they need and welcome the families as they arrive. I just make sure everything is working properly. I’ve been supported and given training too, so I feel confident in the role.

Why did you want to volunteer?

Dylan: I was looking for somewhere to do my Duke of Edinburgh award and after 3-4 sessions I knew I wanted to stay on. 

Daniela: My story is so amazing! My mum (who lives in Venezuela) follows the Letchworth Heritage account on Instagram and saw a volunteering campaign and sent it to me. Now I am a volunteer here. I think volunteering is a great way to get involved with art if you like it. I always enjoy artist stuff!

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Dylan: I like to get out of the house, see people and do something different. Most of all talking to new people.

Daniela: My favourite thing about volunteering is being close to so many talented people, especially at the gallery. This summer Dylan was helping with the Letchworth Open, it was amazing to see so many talented people and their art. We purchased our first piece for our home there.

What skills do you think you need in your role?

Dylan: I would say it’s less about skill and more about having the right attitude and asking for help when you need it.

Daniela: All you need is the willingness to help and to know that there’s no such thing as a task too small. Also knowing sometimes helping with the little things, is where you make a difference.

What is the most challenging aspect of your role?

Dylan: I don’t think there was anything challenging.

Daniela: I haven’t found anything challenging for myself, as I am quite outgoing, but if I wasn’t, there would be something else for me to do, as there are a variety of roles.

How would you describe the team at the Gallery?

Dylan: I can get help at any time, everyone is really helpful. I have been able to get help with anything, even some tricks to get things done quicker. Everyone’s just really friendly.

Daniela: I love the whole team, all so nice, so supportive, so welcoming, it’s an amazing team to work with. I have no complaints.

What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Dylan: Working on the new Letchworth Open, seeing all the change in the gallery, supporting the team with the jobs that I do.

Daniela: It’s so nice for us to share something as mother and son. It’s so special for me.

Why would you recommend volunteering at the Gallery?

Dylan: It really changes your tempo, if you think life’s getting boring you can go and volunteer, you can find people to volunteer with and make new friends.

Daniela: It’s a great place to learn, meet new people, it’s very flexible. There’s so much support to follow your passions here.


If you would like to know more about joining the Foundation's team of volunteers please email volunteering@letchworth.com. In addition, if you are a group in Letchworth that is interested in using this service, please contact us at the Volunteering email address.