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Jane is a journalist, writer and campaigner: a regular contributor on IT and climate change, as well as issues from domestic violence to censorship and individual liberty for the national press (including Daily Mail, Guardian, Independent and the Express).  She is also to be found reviewing film for online film magazine, EyeForFilm.  www.eyeforfilm.co.uk

She is both Letchworth resident and fan of the Garden City, to which she returned last year after a period of exile in darkest Lincolnshire.  She is very pleased to be back!

She regularly reviews films for Broadway Cinema.  Her opinions are her own, although you should be warned: she is a serious fan of the rom com, sci-fi, action films, Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham and Chris Hemsworth.  She especially likes films that pass the Bechdel test. 

If you wish to get in touch with her, either write c/o the Heritage Foundation response@letchworth.com, or catch her on twitter @JaneFae

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Jane Fae