Lynne Ceeney

General Governor

I am a medium term (11 years) resident of Letchworth.  I am proud to live in the town, and have completed mid-green retrofit projects on a house in the conservation area, and more recently in the modern character area of the town.  

As someone with a personal and professional interest in sustainability, I am interested in what Letchworth “is”, how it fits with nearby towns and the larger cities of Cambridge and London, and what is needed for it to thrive in the future.  There is also a debate to be had about how the conservation function of the Foundation is exercised. 

There is a groundswell towards retrofit and sustainable housing.  If the older, expensive to run and carbon emitting housing is to be preserved as-is, what other measures need to be taken to reduce Letchworth’s net carbon emissions?  How can the building stock be retrofitted for electric vehicle charging?  What is the role of district level energy in Letchworth?   I am interested in the somewhat unique role that the Foundation has in the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Garden City and the people who live and work here,  and how I can help it look at strategy, plans and decision making through an holistic lens rather than the more traditional silo’d approach.   


  • General Governor