Tabitha Wilson

General Governor

Having grown up in Letchworth Garden City, and North Hertfordshire, I have lived in Wilbury, Grange and now Southwest Ward. I have been a child, teen, and adult in Letchworth, I have been a commuter, started a local business, and now a teacher. I am familiar with the neighbourhood and surrounding areas, and I have a personal connection and understanding of the unique challenges and experiences faced by these communities, as well as a commitment to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion. As a family, we actively decided to settle here, due to locality, community spirit, local history, arts and culture, green spaces, and unique architecture.

In my teaching role I promote inclusion and diversity through events to promote young women; including the women for women charity, female empowering events, multicultural days, and collaborative initiative to promote inclusivity, tolerance and understanding; and the wider community. I have connections with arts provisions such as Digswell Arts, Eastcheap Studios, and the Broadway Gallery. As an educator I promote the heritage and history both locally and internationally. As an artist, the Letchworth Greenway is my muse and source of inspiration.

Through volunteering I have been involved with local festivals, and designing initiatives for fundraising events in the community, and having a presence within the community. I am an effective leader especially in a collaborative context, and I have a proven track record of building strong relationships with community members, advocating for their needs and rights, and promoting equality and inclusivity.

As founding partner of a design company, I have worked with a diverse client base; I am adequately versed in the core social media platforms, recognising the importance of PPC and SEO. I have a competent grasp in real-time digital marketing to reach and engage with targeted audiences.

I can build on the founder principles of Letchworth, providing residents with a healthy and sustainable environment. To continue Howard’s legacy involving promoting sustainability, the arts, incorporating the green spaces, and the cores values of a strong sense of community. I would like to think I could help to involve decision-making to embed community engagement to build a successful future, fostering research and development and furthering the culture of innovation and creativity; using this role to promote the town’s traditions and history, preserving the heritage, yet looking to the future. I recognise the many cultural diversities of the town, and the plethora of leisure, creative and arts provisions; this wonderful foundation can be used to preserve these principles and enable a thriving model of future sustainability, that is community-focussed for positive development and growth for all.


  • General Governor