Broadway Gallery's new competition: Photo Letchworth

We talked to Kris Day, Curator of Broadway Gallery to find out more about the town’s new competition, Photo Letchworth.  

Kris, Photo Letchworth sounds exciting. Tell us more about it.

Photo Letchworth is a new competition run by Broadway Gallery that looks to celebrate the creative talent in Letchworth and the surrounding area. Around 20 photographs will be selected to exhibit in the gallery’s main space from 21 September to 1 December. We’re hoping this will become an annual event at the gallery and that it may even encourage members of the community to take up photography for the first time.

Why have you chosen a photography competition?

We’re always looking for new ways in which to engage with artists and makers in the region and as we are opening Cornelia Parker’s exhibition of experimental photogravures in September it seemed the perfect opportunity to showcase local talent alongside a celebrated artist.

Do the photographic entries have to be about Letchworth?

Not at all, in fact we’ve set the criteria to be as open to interpretation as possible. Entries will be judged under three categories: Experimentation, Composition and Subject Matter. There isn't a restriction to a specific topic, we just hope to inspire creativity. 

How will the Photo Letchworth winner be selected?

A group of industry professionals have been invited to judge the entries. We’re very grateful to Anstice Oakeshott from The Photographers Gallery, Cassie Beadle, curator of The Cob Gallery and photographer Chris Frazer-Smith for agreeing to be our selectors. 

Our selection panel will be responsible for shortlisting the 20 artists. The final winner will be voted for by visitors to the gallery. We’ll then have a party towards the end of the exhibition, during which we will announce the winner. 

Did I hear you say there’s a £500 prize?

Yes, our champion will receive £500 which, we hope, will go towards supporting future creative endeavours. 

How do I enter?

Entering is easy, simply email three or four works to with a little accompanying information about yourself and the works. We have more detailed information on how to apply on Broadway Gallery’s website.