Support your community and local businesses through COVID-19

For COVID-19 Support Volunteers

If you are interested in volunteering support for the Letchworth community to help those affected by coronavirus, Team Herts Volunteering are ready and waiting for you to sign up. There are many ways in which you can get involved. Simply visit the Team Herts Volunteering website and specify which area of Hertfordshire you would like to volunteer (e.g. Letchworth Garden City/North Herts) and whether you would like to volunteer for the Community Response Team.

There is a form to complete where you can list your skills and interests and a field where you can specify any particular areas of interest in which you would like to help out.

Team Herts Volunteering will then pass your details over to local organisations and community groups which have identified that they require extra support.

Thank you to all volunteers for offering vital support to our community groups during these exceptional times, it is very much appreciated.


For those with business experience

Do you have business experience? Volunteers are needed to provide Hertfordshire companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with immediate help.

Run by the University of Hertfordshire, the Volunteer Business Support Scheme is a Hertfordshire Growth Hub service. The aim is to help hundreds of Hertfordshire businesses struggling in the current pandemic.

Find out more and sign up by visiting the University of Hertfordshire website

Businesses interested in benefitting from the scheme should contact Hertfordshire Growth Hub, who will refer those that are eligible.


For organisations

Does your organisation need extra help to support those affected by coronavirus? Team Herts Volunteering can help put you in contact with local caring people who have indicated they're willing to help out.

Simply fill in a form and Team Herts Volunteering will be able to provide you with the details of local people willing and able to lend a helping hand. Team Herts Volunteering offers free promotion of voluntary roles to audiences throughout Hertfordshire, including Letchworth Garden City, in a variety of ways.

If your organisation would like to know more or would like assistance in recruiting volunteers, the ‘How to recruit through us’ webpage provides support and advice and contact details:

Tel:          01462 689 409