How to become a Governor

The majority of the Governors, 16 of the 30, are elected from outside the Foundation. Six are elected through a postal ballot, once every five years, by registered voters from the ‘public’ Register of Electors for Letchworth Garden City. Eight are nominated and elected by clubs and organisations.

A total of 14 General Governors are appointed by the Board of Management; these Governors are selected on the basis of the skills and experience they can bring to our team.

Nominating a Governor

Letchworth Garden City Clubs and Societies registered with us determine eight Nominated Governor places.

Two Nominated Governor places are permanently reserved, respectively for North Hertfordshire District Council and Hertfordshire County Council, who, in turn, appoint a representative or deputy to act on their behalf.

Register your Club, Society or Group

As a group registered with us, you are able to put forward candidates to join our Governor team and can also be part of the panel that selects new Nominated Governors.

If you are interested in registering your group, please complete the attached application form and return following the enclosed instructions.

Find out more by getting in touch with Jo Walker on 01462 530364 or