Event Cinema

Sometimes, we in Letchworth are a bit too modest about our achievements – and nowhere is that modesty more evident than in the magnificent, renovated Broadway Cinema AND Theatre.

Ah yes: that “and” is important: because too often it is forgotten not just how rare it is for a Theatre to make enough to sustain itself in these days of Netflix and Sky Movies, but how rare it is for a town without a theatre to gain one, as we did in 2017.

Today, though, is not about theatre. At least, not about theatre performed in Letchworth. Rather it is a reminder of just how appreciated is the Broadway's decision to run with and support Event Cinema. This is live theatre, opera, and ballet – and more besides – transmitted direct to the audience in the comfort of their seat in the Broadway.

Last month was the turn of Swan Lake, the ballet, to which Letchworth people turned out in their hundreds. In fact, so well attended was this event – and many others, too – that Letchworth topped the national ratings. That's right: in terms of people coming along to watch, the Broadway Letchworth ranked number one out of 345 cinemas nationwide, bringing in more audience than the likes of the Curzon Mayfair and the Odeon Guildford.

Check out the Events Cinema page. And check out up and coming events including a performance, on September 6, of the National Theatre's King Lear, with Ian McKellen in the title role, and the Royal Shakespeare Company's Merry Wives of Windsor on 12 September.