Modernising our Design Principles

Our homes change depending on lifestyles, technology and what we care about. For example, many of us are actively trying to lessen the impact we make on the planet and a more eco-conscious way of restyling our homes has started to grow in popularity. From the materials we use to the way we adopt technology, eco-friendly homes are becoming more prevalent.

As things change, so do we in the Heritage Advice Service. Our Modern Design Principles is a dynamic set of standards for homeowners in Letchworth Garden City that is updated to keep pace with changing times. The Heritage Advice Service’s most recent updates are set out below.


Porches are a brilliant place to store muddy boots and jackets, and we have expanded how big this area can be. The depth used to be a maximum of 1.2m but you can now build a porch with a depth of 1.5m, just enough extra room to store guest's outerwear as restrictions start to lift and we start to invite people inside again.

PV Solar Panels

As a nation we are becoming more aware of what we can do to help the environment, and we have seen that more of our residents want to install energy efficient solutions such as solar panels. We are delighted to announce that we have made the decision to increase roof coverage from 60% to a maximum of 90% to help homeowners be more eco-friendly.

Note: PV and solar panels shall cover no more than 90% of the roof plane area and shall be 0.6 metres from the edge of the roof plane and 0.3m from the ridge. The arrangement shall be rectangular to avoid fragmented edges.

Electric Charging Points

In 2020 the government announced restrictions on the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2030, which means that many more cars on the road will be electric powered. To fit with demand and need, we are accepting the installation of electric charging points on houses this year. Being ahead of the government’s pledge means residents have plenty of time to make the switch to electric cars.

If these changes have inspired you to make some changes to your home, please apply online after checking which area your home is in for what type of permission you need.