World Cinema Sunday

Ah! The joy of subsidised amenities!

Not just for the cheap films – though I won't say I don't enjoy those – but crucially for the fact that despite having a cinema with fewer screens than some of the mega chains up and down the A1, we, here in Letchworth are blessed with a range of alternative and different films that few towns outside of London or the big university venues can compete with.

That now finds expression in World Cinema Sunday, a once a month commitment by the Broadway to showing some of the best British and international independent films.

Over the last few months we have had bittersweet Palestinian comedy-drama, Wajib, the award-winning Italian crime thriller, Dogman and, most recently, Faces Places, an Oscar nominated French documentary.

And coming up – the last two films in the current 6 month run – is The Guilty (31 March), a nail-biting Danish police thriller, shot in real time and, last but by no means least, Anchor and Hope (28 April), a rom-com exploring an unconventional family on London's canals.

The initiative emerged from discussions between Letchworth Broadway Manager, Jason Valentine and the Independent Cinema Office, a national organisation that aims to develop an open, challenging and thriving film sector by working with independent cinemas, film festivals and exhibitors of all forms.

Jason is a member of the Independent Cinema Office’s Film Project Group (film Hub South East) , and an ardent supporter of their mission. He explained: “we developed the idea for World Cinema Sunday together. I was looking for the chance to put on something different: something with a twist.

“They helped with developing the programme and we decided to take a punt. And we are delighted with the result: already planning on our next season of six films to follow on when this season concludes in April".

All of which is good news for Letchworth.

And if you have any suggestions for films to show in the next 6-month set, feel free to drop them in direct to the Broadway.