Community Awards – an update

With restrictions lifting, we have finally been able to hand deliver prizes to the Community Award winners! These awards were announced in January 2021 and saw Vutie Beets win the best business award, Best Before Café win best charity award and Chris Taylor win best adult award.  

Made from reclaimed wood of trees that have naturally fallen, we awarded these wooden bowls that were handcrafted by Neil Wake to each of our Community Award winners. 

Winners were nominated by the public in December 2020 and picked by a community panel made up of local business people, volunteers, the Letchworth BID and charity workers.  

Chief Executive Graham Fisher said: “What a great day handing over the Community Awards celebration bowls to Best Before Cafe, Vutie Beets and Chris Taylor. It was lovely to finally meet Chris and witness more of her knitting creations.  It was great to see Vutie Beets busy with customers sitting in the Wynd, and it was remarkable to witness the dedicated team of volunteers at Best Before Café in action. With a queue of some 20 deep waiting for the doors to open it was an important reminder of just how much this service is in demand. An inspiring and humbling day - the town and everyone's wellbeing is all the better for having such inspirational and caring people in the town ready to roll up their sleeves for residents. I am really pleased we have been able to acknowledge them in a small way.” 


We will be running the Community Awards again for 2021, so think about those going above and beyond for Letchworth this year.