Gardening Class relaunches

Standalone Farm are opening their doors to ARCH Community Group once again to raise money for Herts Young Homeless.

The Heritage Foundation, with ARCH Community Group, is organising a series of gardening masterclasses for a range of abilities and horticultural knowledge. The classes will start at 9am on Saturday 26 March and will be an opportunity to learn the basics of gardening, including what tools you need, understanding soil types and PH levels.

The classes will cover a wide range of subjects and will take place in the craft barn at Standalone Farm.

  • Saturday 26 March, 9am-1pm. Introduction to gardening (level beginners/intermediate)
  • Saturday 23 April 9am-1pm. Propagation-plants for free
  • Saturday 7 May 9am- 1pm. Science of soil
  • Saturday 24 September 9am-1pm. Plants for free (autumn edition)
  • Saturday 8 October 9am-1pm. Autumn pruning
  • Saturday 15 October, 9am-1pm. Introduction to garden design

In addition, there is also a session on Saturday 25 June 9am-1pm on ‘Wood in the Garden’ which will take place at ARCH, on Green Lane Industrial Estate.

Steve Howells, Chair of ARCH Community Group, said, “In 2015 when we started the Wynd Community Project working with the Heritage Foundation and the RHS the main brief was that everyone who took part in the construction and maintenance of the Garden learnt a new skill. We are pleased that we are now in our 7th year and are still growing strong with new courses added each year. Since the Masterclasses started, we have taught over 400 attendees a new skill that they can use in their own garden.

Founded by the Heritage Foundation, our continued aim is to make our classes accessible to all and keep to our original brief that everyone should be able to learn a new skill. During the pandemic, we still managed to run a few classes but are pleased to announce that in 2022 we will be running a full year of classes. We are also adding two new courses: The Science of Plants and Our Local Environment which the dates for this course will be announced in April.”