How to access help with food during the school holidays

There are plenty of resources here in Letchworth to help all families and individuals who are experiencing food poverty during this pandemic. We explain how to access that help and tell you about the groups that are working to help the community.

Facing the six-week holiday with the possibility of financial hardship is frightening for anyone, let alone during a time of a global health crisis. Your circumstances may have changed and mentally, you may need to take a period of adjustment before you reach out for help. This is totally understandable, but it is good to bear in mind that asking for help is not scary and the people who can provide advice and services are there to make sure you and your family are safe. There are no judgements.

Football player Marcus Rashford has lobbied to have free school meals during the summer holidays due to the strange circumstances the world is in. This being passed has been a great relief for many families. Luckily, applying for food bank vouchers or assistance is easier than you may think. A quick call or email to your child’s teacher or a chat with your Housing Association can start the ball rolling. Alternatively, Citizen’s Advice, Herts Help and our Community Response Team can flag up your needs and ensure you receive the help you require.

We are aware that some are not able to apply for free school meals due to income but are still experiencing financial issues. In Letchworth, there are also amazing groups such as the Best Before Café that save food from ending up in landfill and only ask for small donations to pay for the petrol and resources to get the food from supermarket to their customers. Helping a group like this means you are also helping the environment as you are using food that would have ended up in the bin!

Don’t forget to look for bargains, as well. A lot of supermarkets reduce their food in the mornings and the evenings. You could make a large, healthy meal and freeze it to use for days afterward. You could also buy items like canned tomatoes in bulk when they are on offer and store them until you need them.

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Do read our blog post all about how our Community Response Team are striving to help those who most need it.

List of contacts:

Community Response Team
Call: 01462 530360
Open from Monday-Friday 9am-1pm

Herts Help
Call: 0300 123 4044 
Open from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week

Hertfordshire Citizen’s Advice
Call: 03444 111 444
Open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday


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