John Hillson

Elected Governor, Board of Trustees

I am a Letchworth boy; that’s a boy in its widest sense! I was born in Letchworth Garden City in 1958, attended Westbury and Highfield Schools and have lived here all my life; which means I really know and enjoy the town.

My first job was helping my father to run his engineering business, in Works Road.

I became a Chartered Surveyor (now retired) and have gained a reasonable knowledge of property matters. Indeed, I was lucky enough to be employed for 34 years by the Heritage Foundation (and LGC Corporation before that) until 2012. Throughout that time I worked with the people, land and buildings which make up this fortunate town. My professional career allowed me to work with residential, commercial and retail property and I specialised in dealing with the Ground Leases, which are a Letchworth speciality. Looking back, I enjoyed just about all of my varied career with the Foundation and Corporation.

My life in the town has included being a member of Letchworth Round Table. I am now a member of the Rotary Club and continue to live in the heart of the town.

Letchworth Garden City is a very special place. Ebenezer Howard designed it that way. His legacy not only lives on, but thrives. I have a great love for this “green and pleasant” town, and look forward to contributing to its future as a Governor.

  • Board of Trustees
  • Elected Governor