Kevin Jones

Nominated Governor (Preservation of the environment), Board of Trustees

Our move to Letchworth in 2010 was prompted in part by an interest in the principles on which it was founded.  Ebenezer Howard’s solution to the social problems of his time remains relevant today.  The compact scale, excellent communications, diversity of employment and attractive environment of Letchworth provide the ingredients for an exemplary contemporary sustainable community.

My interest in the preservation of the Letchworth environment includes both the built and the natural environment.  I have a keen interest in the town’s architecture, in contemporary movements elsewhere and in architectural history generally.

As a Trustee of Transition Town Letchworth, I have played a part in increasing public awareness of sustainable living: environmental soundness without misery.  Projects have included programmes of public talks, apple pressing each autumn in the town centre and our thermal imaging camera, funded by the Heritage Foundation, which is available for residents to use at their homes once they have attended a training session. 

My work to date includes running a local business, advising and investing in companies in related sectors, and providing technology consultancy to the public sector.  The last of these roles gave me experience in bridging the gaps between private companies and official bodies and in helping each to appreciate the challenges faced by the other.

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