Letchworth Learning

Week 1: Homes & Buildings

Welcome to our Homes and Buildings Staycation theme. We hope that you enjoy the activities for week one.  

This week’s theme is Homes & Buildings, something that is very special to your town. You may have noticed that Letchworth has some amazing buildings, but, did you know that the design of its streets and homes encouraged similar places to be built throughout the UK and around the world? 

Watch this week’s mindfulness video "Finger Breathing".

1905 House
Mindfulness video - "FInger Breathing"

Week 2: Our Green Town

Welcome to the Our Green Town Staycation theme. We hope you enjoy the activities in your week two pack.

This week’s theme is ‘Our Green Town’. Did you know that Letchworth was the first ever Garden City? It was designed to bring the best of the countryside together with the best of the town. It is why our town has wonderful tree filled streets, gardens and parks.

This week’s mindfulness video is "Senses + Sights", plus Ash Curtis, an artist from Hertfordshire, takes you through his Creative Tutorial and shows you how to create fantastic art.  

Mindfulness video - "Senses + Sights"
Ash Curtis Creative Tutorial

Week 3: People & Places

Welcome to our People & Places Staycation theme. We hope you enjoy the activities in your week three pack.

The first two topics helped show us how special Letchworth is: but what makes places truly amazing is the people who live there. Letchworth is a great place to make friends and has some fantastic history.

This week’s mindfulness video is "Listening", plus don't miss our Art and Design Tutorial video made by Lauren Newton. 

Mindfulness video - "Listening"

Week 4: Transport

Welcome to our Transport Staycation theme. We hope you enjoy the activities in your week four pack.

Transport, put simply, means how we travel around. We will look at the alternatives to our two feet that people used in the past and take a fresh look at the transport we use today. We will even explore the feet of animals and if we can spot how they move.

This week’s mindfulness video is about Textures.