"The inspiration behind this new place is a connection with nature and Letchworth’s founding vision of a city of gardens.

The city is growing and the development is imagined as a branch, reaching into the countryside.

Like sap is the lifeblood of a branch, flowing back and forth, Gardenia’s branch is filled with people moving along it - going to work, going home, going to school, to the shops but ultimately engaging as a community; a living, vibrant, green movement spine.

And sprouting off of this stem are the ‘leaves’ – quieter clusters of homes around garden spaces.

Clusters are what Gardenia is all about; small communities of homes arranged around green spaces, not roads."

Below you are able to download the Design Statement for Gardenia as well as the accompanying board plans and details. There is also an image gallery with visual representations of how the new homes and estate might look. 

Design Boards

Gardenia Image Gallery