"The Garden City’s long-lasting success stems from the pioneer designers’ embrace of complexity; weaving together natural landscape, public space, plots and buildings across multiple scales of space and time.

Grange-in-the-Hedges re-imagines this multi-layered approach.

Water, green structure, human movement and development plots are interlaced with bottom-up information systems; challenging both underemployment and climate change to evolve a renewed Garden City fabric.

Unlike the original garden city, however, this is expanding an existing place. The Garden City ethos demands that each layer of the new place must support the existing people’s interests."

Below you are able to download the Design Statement for Grange-in-the-Hedges as well as the accompanying board plans and details. There is also an image gallery with visual representations of how the new homes and estate might look. 

Design Boards

Grange-in-the-Hedges Image Gallery