Supporting Skills and Talents

Through a maximum grant of up to £500 we would like to link with self-nominated individuals or those proposed by groups, community organisations or schools in order to promote and develop identified talents and skills. By developing these talents and skills we will be promoting Letchworth, engendering civic pride and growing the knowledge, skills and expertise of individuals and communities for the longer term benefit of the town.

This grant opens up opportunities for all types of training and development for:

  • Individuals and teams looking to improve their performance through specific targeted  training or equipment
  • Community organisations looking to build the skills, knowledge and expertise of their staff or volunteers
  • Schools and Colleges looking to inspire encourage or raise aspirations in students who are demonstrating particular promise

There will be a wide range of individuals, charitable organisations and community groups applying for this grant and it is important to us that your application can demonstrate:

  • The application aligns with one of our charitable Objects which are Heritage and Environment, Recreation and Leisure, Education and Learning and Health and Wellbeing
  • It addresses a clearly defined need that you or your group can evidence either through present performance or experience of working in this area.
  • A reference from a professional within the area of the grant confirming the present level of achievement and improvement or benefit the grant funding will bring
  • The anticipated outcomes that you feel will be achieved by funding the application and the difference the grant will make to anyone receiving funding. 
  • How the project, programme or activity represents good value for money and whether you have sought additional funding, sponsorship or in-kind support to ensure sustainability.
  • Where appropriate that you have considered potential partnership working with other local groups seeking to achieve similar goals

We welcome one application per calendar year from:

  • Individuals aged 13 or above
  • Groups registered with the Charity Commission
  • Community Clubs/Groups
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Resident or Tenant Associations
  • Housing associations operating in Letchworth
  • Schools or Colleges individually or in partnership

We will not fund:

  • Direct core costs such as staff salaries in support of the regular activity of the group
  • Individuals attending University to fund books, field trips or one year placements
  • General and round-robin appeals
  • Religious or political activities
  • Replacement or subsidy of statutory funding, or for work we consider should be funded by government,  such aspersonal tutoring or general staff training
  • Individual campaigns
  • Organisations seeking to distribute grants or funds to others
  • One-off, standalone events, such as conferences, seminars, galas
  • Retrospective funding, meaning support for activities that have already taken place
  • Work that is not legally charitable

Application Deadlines

  Application Deadline Application Considered
Round 1 February 28 March 27
Round 2 September 25 October 23