Supporting Education and Learning

Supporting Education and Learning is aimed at funding charitable organisations working to improve the lives of people who live in Letchworth and make Letchworth a great place to be.

Through Supporting Education and Learning we aim to support groups working on projects where the educational element plays a key part in making a step change in individuals, groups  or family’s lives. This could result in increased levels of education, increased skills, enabling people to be more economically active, transforming attitudes and behaviours and being more actively involved in their community.

The maximum amount any group can apply for in any given financial year is £25,000. Multi-year awards will be considered as an exception and only awarded providing there is a business plan and it can be demonstrated that the funding will have a significant impact on the area that is being funded. We encourage projects that are creative, innovative and dynamic, which make a real difference to those involved and have true impact.

As we receive applications from a wide range of charitable organisations and community groups for a variety of projects, it is important to us that your application can demonstrate:

  • It will be addressing a clearly defined need that your group can evidence either through local data or evidence of local need generated through experience of working in this area.
  • Education and learning will play a major role in the anticipated outcomes that you feel will be achieved by funding the application and how you plan to measure these outcomes and evaluate the project.  
  • How the project, programme or activity represents very good value for money  in terms of the:
  1.             Positive social capital it will provide such as increased levels of education, increased skills, more economically active, transforming attitudes and behaviours or contributing towards a vibrant community,
  2.             Provision of services across the period of the grant;
  3.             Funding requested from us as a percentage of the total project cost.
  • How core costs are being funded to innovate change or develop a new service or opportunity for Letchworth residents.
  • You have sought additional funding, sponsorship or in-kind support especially for larger grant applications to demonstrate sustainability of the activity beyond the funded period.
  • Where appropriate, that you have considered potential partnership working with other local groups seeking to achieve similar goals
  • It will encourage a sense of belonging amongst those directly and indirectly benefitting from the grant which will contribute towards a more vibrant community
  • The approach the group will take across the course of the grant to be able to continue providing this activity or programme at the end of the term of the grant

We welcome applications from:

  • Groups registered with the Charity Commission
  • Community Groups
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Resident or Tenant Associations
  • Community Interest Companies
  • Housing Associations operating in Letchworth

We will not fund:

  • Direct core costs such as staff salaries in support of the regular activity of the group unless exceptional circumstances are demonstrated to support successful and sustainable outcomes
  • Individuals or applications that will benefit only one person, including student grants or bursaries
  • General and round-robin appeals
  • Religious or political activities or associated buildings
  • Replacement or subsidy of statutory funding, or for work we consider should be funded by government, such as residential and day care, housing provision, individual schools, nurseries and colleges, or a combination of any of these
  • Individual campaigns
  • Organisations seeking to distribute grants or funds to others
  • One-off events, such as conferences, seminars, galas, or summer schools
  • Medical research or treatment, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation services covered by statutory services or local commissioning
  • Animal welfare, zoos, captive breeding and animal rescue centres
  • Retrospective funding, meaning support for work that has already taken place
  • Work that is not legally charitable

Application Deadlines

  Application Deadline Application Considered
Round 1 February 28 March 27
Round 2 July 3 July 31
Round 3 September 25 October 23