Supporting Clubs and Organisations

Through these grants we are looking to fund charitable organisations that bring together mainly older, vulnerable or disadvantaged groups to make a positive contribution to their lives and the social fabric of the town.

Your group can apply for grants of up to £750 to fund days out, activities, events or equipment to support your regular activities or add value to your existing activity. The programme also welcomes applications from residents or groups who wish to pilot a piece of work or set up a new group. In these cases the grant can fund group leader costs or administration costs. 

When applying it is important your group can share with us:

  • Which one of our charitable Objectives –Recreation and Leisure, Education and Learning or Health and Wellbeing the application meets
  • What it is that your group needs help to fund
  • Why your group  wants this activity or event to take place and the benefits the activity or event will provide your group and its members
  • How the project, programme or activity represents good value for money
  • The contribution being made by members and/or any additional funding, sponsorship or in-kind support you will be receiving.
  • Where appropriate that you have considered potential partnership working with other local groups seeking to achieve similar goals
  • How it will encourage a sense of belonging amongst those directly and indirectly benefitting from the grant which will contribute towards a more vibrant community

We are open to funding

  • One successful application from a group in a single financial year
  • Capital costs such as the purchase of equipment
  • Revenue costs such as advertising banners, building/room hire or guest speakers
  • Celebratory events with a maximum contribution of £7.50p per head
  • Coach hire for trips and visits up to a maximum of £500
  • Core operating costs such as salaries where this is a start-up project, pilot or will lead to innovation and improvements  in service delivery
  • Training of staff and/or volunteers to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of an organisation
  • The cost of professional practitioners to deliver sessions or services for members
  • Direct core costs such as staff salaries in support of the regular activity of the group, providing there is a business plan to show how this role will become sustainable within a stated period

We will not fund:

  • Direct core costs such as staff salaries in support of the regular activity of the group without a clear business plan showing how this role will become sustainable within a stated period
  • Individuals or causes that will benefit only one person,
  • Community service groups with a purpose of raising funds for charitable purposes,
  • General and round-robin appeals
  • Religious or political activities or associated buildings
  • Replacement or subsidy of statutory funding, or for work we consider should be funded by government, such as residential and day care, housing provision, individual schools, nurseries and colleges, or a combination of any of these
  • Individual campaigns
  • Organisations seeking to distribute grants or funds to others
  • Retrospective funding, meaning support for work that has already taken place
  • Work that is not legally charitable

Application Deadlines

  Application Deadline Application Considered
Round 1 February 28 March 27
Round 2 April 24 May 15
Round 3 September 25 October 23