Proposals for LG1 Land North of Letchworth

Your views on proposed LG1 Land, North of Letchworth

We were very keen to hear your feedback on the proposed development to the north of the Grange Estate in Letchworth. This is the LG1 site in the Council's Local Plan and is the largest of our proposed development sites.

Our proposal:

  • Up to 900 homes
  • 40% affordable housing
  • A new primary school
  • More than 2,000 new trees
  • A new neighbourhood centre, with retail, community and improved medical facilities nearby
  • Public transport and cycling provision and improvements for the whole Grange Estate
  • Homes for older people
  • Self-build plots with opportunities for local people
  • Local training and apprenticeships
  • Possible improvements to the Grange Recreation Ground

LG1 Consultation event

We held a dedicated LG1 pop-up consultation event at the Grange Academy School on Friday 17 May.  Thank you to all of you who came along. We captured really helpful feedback and valued your views on our initial ideas, including opportunities at the Grange Recreation Ground, self-build proposals and transport issues.

A PDF of the self build sketch layout can be found here.

A PDF of the Grange Recreation Ground sketch layout can be found here.

The conceptual masterplan of the LG1 site at the north of the Grange Estate in Letchworth can be seen in the image.  Thank you for getting involved and letting us know your feedback on our proposals for the LG1 site.  

Our LG1 Land North of Letchworth Survey was made available online. This has now closed. A hard copy can be found here. 

We welcomed feedback via the following channels: