Full amount awarded in grants announced

In January 2021, the Foundation put its Communities Looking Forward Grant Programme in motion. In a new video, the Foundation outlines how it granted £111,000 to community groups, charities, and clubs and a further £200,000 to longer-term projects.

In 2021, the Foundation changed its focus to work in partnership with key local organisations and longer-term projects that aim to reduce challenges such as loneliness, isolation, anxiety caused by financial worries and to support learning.

This innovative approach to partnership working includes groups such as Herts Disability Sports Foundation, who were awarded £4,000 for their ‘Bikes without Barriers’ project. This project involves ensuring the roadworthiness of children’s bikes and supplying a suitable reconditioned bike for those who do not have their own. The project will also provide Learn to Ride training for pupils in Letchworth schools. Standalone Farm, one of the Foundation’s venues, hosted a bike drop-off point for people to donate bicycles to the project.

Alastair Stewart, Head of Grants of Partnerships, said, “Thanks to the hard work of our property team, the income they have generated has enabled local charities to improve facilities, buy new resources and provide support to a broad cross-section of the community. The longer-term partnership funding is playing a vital role in enabling us to understand in greater detail the day-to-day challenges facing residents and work with local charities to lessen these challenges."

Chief Executive, Graham Fisher, said, “The Foundation’s funding supports local charities to provide a wide range of support for people in Letchworth. I always find it so inspiring to read about the impact they make particularly at a time when need is growing as a result of the cost-of-living crisis and the legacy of the pandemic and so I am delighted we have been able to continue to invest so much funding this year. It makes a real difference for our community.” 

The Foundation is continuing its Communities Looking Forward Grant Programme for 2022 and wishes to hear from existing groups, charities, and clubs or those who wish to create something new for Letchworth. Please visit Letchworth.com/grants for more information.